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What We are doing is..

The Advanced Vehicle Design & Control (AVDC) laboratory was established in September, 2007. Research and development of industry leading researchers and researchers in the fields of pioneering technology and creative research industry and technology, leading to the real world of overseas research, and active progress and progress of various national institutions and R & D and technical education.


Professor Lee, Chul Hee, who is a professor in the lab, graduated from Inha University, Department of Mechanical Engineering (1984), and received a Master's degree (1996) from the same university. He received his Ph.D. (2006) from the University of Illinois at Urbans-Champaign.
He is a researcher at the Hyundai Motor Research Institute (Chassis Design) and senior researcher at the US Caterpillar Inc. Central Research Institute (design and interpretation of heavy). Read more

What we do

Research Area Introduction

Development of design and optimization technology for virtual product development, Tribology engineering of machinery department, Smart machine system control and dynamics study, Design of parts of power transmission system and vibration analysis, Research of future renewable energy vehicle, Autonomous vehicle and intelligent robot control technology Research, and research.

VPD & Optimization

- Virtual Product Development and Optimization of Mechanical System
- Bolted Joint Analysis (loosening/fracture/design guidance)
- Modeling & FE Analysis (Multi-body/Structural/Vibration/Dynamic/Impact/Particle Dynamics)


- Tribological Characteristics of Mechanical Components, Smart Materials
- Contact/Wear Mechanism via Experiments and FE Analysis
- Friction & Stick-slip Control using Smart Materials

Smart System Design & Control

- Vibration & Shock Control using Smart Materials
- Applications of Smart Materials (Piezo, MRF, MRE, SMA)
- Design and Control of Powered Prosthetic Robot & Mechanical Systems including 3D printed parts
- Development of Sensor and Energy Harvesting Systems

Autonomous Vehicle

- Algorithm: path generation & following, object detection & avoidance
- Autonomous Vehicle (lateral & longitudinal motion) Control
- Next generation Vehicle Design and Performance Simulations

Our Equipments

Introduces leading equipment and software in advanced transportation machinery design and control laboratories.

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